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Gentrification Is a Public Health Crisis

The fact that gentrification can make residents of displaced communities less healthy is not an inevitable effect of neutral market forces, but a fundamental injustice. A new report provides specific policy recommendations that can either prevent displacement or halt its progress.

A Dean of a Medical School on a Drug Company Board? Interview About High-Level Conflicts of Interest with Walid Gellad, M.D.

A recent research letter in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) by Timothy Anderson, MD, Chester Good, MD, MPH, Walid Gellad, MD, MPH and Shravan Dave, BS reveals that many US drug companies have leaders in academic medical centers on their boards.

Lessons From Reporting on Families Coping With Deportation

Reporter Johanes Roselló spent four months interviewing families who’d been affected by the deportation of a father or spouse. Their stories were heartbreaking, frustrating and inspiring. Here are some lessons and suggestions for others considering similar projects.

Tips for covering long-term care

Whether you’re a new reporter or an experienced hand looking for fresh ideas about senior care, you can find compelling stories by digging into state and national datasets. Important stories about regulatory gaps, poor enforcement, and even malpractice are there for the taking.

Analyst: We need a showing of efficacy, safety and cost effectiveness

I am often amused by the "expertise" of Wall Street analysts. It's particularly instructive to compare the first one below, a person who hopped on the bandwagon driven by the company, compared to the second one, who retained a more rigorous standard of review.

The Checkered History of the Malaria Drug Mefloquine

Last year there were 119,000 prescriptions between January and June. Though Lariam (mefloquine) is banned in Air Force pilots, until 2011, it was on the increase in the Navy and Marine Corps.

Against Stigma: Writing Responsibly About Mental Illness

Smart reporting on mental health makes an effort to avoid stigmatizing people with mental illness. Here are a few solutions one reporter found especially helpful in covering the subject in Texas, where the state's largest jail became its largest mental health facility.

List shows overlap between medical leaders and pharmaceutical boards

JAMA has just published a research letter entitled "Academic Medical Center Leadership on Pharmaceutical Company Boards of Directors," in which it presents a list of deans and other high officials from academic medicine who are on the boards of directors of the top pharmaceutical companies.

Company's payments to university raises troubling questions

Rosemary Gibson — author of "The Treatment Trap" — offered a trenchant comment on a ProPublica story by Charles Ornstein about how the University of Illinois violated its own policies by endorsing the product of a medical device company.

When doctors endorse medical equipment companies

A Seattle doctor permits her name and reputation — and that of her hospital — to be used in support of a medical equipment company. Why are these relationships not more closely scrutinized by journalists?



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