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Simplicity and personal approach help radio stories shine

For KCRW's Evan George, the biggest challenge in reporting on changes in the addiction treatment industry was finding ways to turn a series of complex issues into interesting narratives. His focus on personal stories and a telling-a-friend approach helped greatly.

From eggs to beef, U.S. consumers often in the dark about production practices

According to an expose this week in The New York Times, the USDA uses tax dollars to help private industry develop more "profitable" animals in a semi-clandestine operation called the U.S. Meat Animal Research Center. The experiments often cause the death of mothers and offspring, The Times reports.

How many affected by Blue Shield-Sutter Health dispute?

In Santa Cruz County, the contract dispute between Blue Shield and Sutter Health hits home because of Sutter's large presence here.

Sweden takes a second look at shaken baby syndrome

A recent decision from Sweden’s  Supreme Court is changing the landscape for Swedish citizens fighting misguided accusations of infant shaking.

Questions arise over hospital 'reality' TV shows

On January 2, ProPublica and The New York Times co-published “When a Patient’s Death is Broadcast Without Permission,” a powerful article that explored legal and ethical questions posed by ABC’s “NY Med” and similar TV documentaries about actual medical dramas taking place in hospitals....

Pain docs warn against opiods

When the doctors who are charged with managing pain come out with a public policy position against use of opioids (like oxycodone, methodone and hydrocodine) for chronic pain, we should pay attention....

The narrowing of networks hits home

"Narrowing of networks" was an abstract concept to me until Blue Shield narrowed my own network of healthcare providers, most of whom I have been seeing for 18 years.

Forecasting the latest health tech trends at CES 2015

Health-oriented products take the main stage this week at the Consumer Electronics Show. The show's Digital Health Summit at the CES took over its own event arena this year, showcasing an array of futuristic health technology.

Sutter Health, Palo Alto Medical Foundation, Blue Shield and me

How do you make sense of a decision made by key players outside your coverage area that affects your community like a punch in the gut?

The suntan — status symbol or an unnecessary health risk?

A turning point in the nation’s love affair with the sun came in 1997 when it was revealed that the suntans on the cast of the TV show Baywatch, which ran from 1989 to 2001, were faux. ”We actually use sunless tanning lotion with a body stain,” Baywatch makeup artist JoAnna Connell told the press.



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