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Honoring the Memory of Debra Sherman

Debra Sherman died Tuesday of lung cancer after more than a year of living with the disease. She spent her final days sharing what she learned about cancer with readers.

Improving Health Care Efficiency with Smartphones

Smartphones have opened up a lot of new opportunities in many industries, and the health care sector isn’t any different. Providers are constantly searching for new and innovative solutions to better care for patients, track data, and build patient-provider relationships. Still, challenges remain.

170 pounds lighter: Ben Lomond woman shares her story

Two years ago Sara Keenan was overweight and dependent on pain-killers that were shutting down her lungs and putting her at risk of dying. Today she is off pain-killers and 170 pounds lighter, with ambitions to become a personal coach to give hope to others who are overweight. Here is how she did it

'Nevermind' Says White House About Limiting Expensive Drugs Thanks To 'Patient' Groups

As private insurers balk at paying as much a month as $830 for Abilify, $250 for Seroquel, $450 for Geodon and $760 for Invega, Pharma increasingly relies on government programs to subsidize its expensive psychiatric drug habit.

'The Verification Handbook': A guide to verifying digital content for emergency coverage

The Verification Handbook is now freely available online at a It's available in html, PDF, ePub, or Kindle versions, and is billed as a resource for both journalists and aid providers.

In Kenya, pregnancy-related deaths remain far too high

“Inspiring change” served as the 2014 International Woman’s Day (IWD) theme and for an African woman nothing could be as inspiring as a new study released in Nairobi, Kenya a week after the March 8, the day set aside to mark the IWD....

The Mental Health Industry Is Misleading Congress

To solve the mental health crisis, we have to reduce mental health spending and use the savings to increase mental illness spending. That's the idea behind H.R. 3717, The Helping Families in Mental Health Crisis Act.

Gentrification Is a Public Health Crisis

The fact that gentrification can make residents of displaced communities less healthy is not an inevitable effect of neutral market forces, but a fundamental injustice. A new report provides specific policy recommendations that can either prevent displacement or halt its progress.

A Dean of a Medical School on a Drug Company Board? Interview About High-Level Conflicts of Interest with Walid Gellad, M.D.

A recent research letter in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) by Timothy Anderson, MD, Chester Good, MD, MPH, Walid Gellad, MD, MPH and Shravan Dave, BS reveals that many US drug companies have leaders in academic medical centers on their boards.

Lessons From Reporting on Families Coping With Deportation

Reporter Johanes Roselló spent four months interviewing families who’d been affected by the deportation of a father or spouse. Their stories were heartbreaking, frustrating and inspiring. Here are some lessons and suggestions for others considering similar projects.



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