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Building journalism with community starts with building trust

In recent years, the idea that journalists should focus on building the future of news with communities — not just for them — has gained traction. Josh Stearns profiles the work of Jeremy Hay, who has embraced this community-first approach with a local news service in East Palo Alto.

In Safe Babies Courts, 99% of kids don’t suffer more abuse — but less than 1% of U.S. family courts are Safe Babies Courts

Decades of research showing how toxic stress caused by adversity inflicts long-term damage to children’s brains and bodies have inspired the creation of courts specifically focused on early childhood cases, some of which are known as Safe Babies Courts. The results have been impressive.

Why we shoud build journalism with community, not for it

Creating in-roads for community participation and giving local people more power to contribute to local journalism is complex and time-intensive. But the end result can be a public that is more engaged in their communities and in supporting news-gathering efforts.

These medications cost what?

It is no secret that the pill profit party is over for drug companies. Bestselling pills like Lipitor, Seroquel, Zyprexa, Singular, Concerta, Cymbalta and Abilify have gone off patent and Wall Street is moving on to industries that offer better returns.

How to deepen community engagement before, during and after the reporting process

In 2013, Sacramento's Capital Public Radio hired jesikah maria ross to develop a deep community engagement strategy around their multimedia documentary project The View From Here. The experience holds a number of valuable lessons on engaging and building audiences.

Separating fact from fiction on 'female Viagra'

Next month, the Food and Drug Administration is expected to decide whether to approve the first drug for women who lack sexual desire. An FDA panel recommended approval of a drug that the agency has rejected twice. How can reporters separate the science from the marketing?

When it comes to data journalism, a few Excel basics go a long way

In a world increasingly saturated with data, knowing how to effectively clean, sort and analyze the bounty can be an essential skill for health journalists. Veteran data journalist Paul Overberg led newcomers on an invaluable tour of the basics in our latest Health Matters webinar this week.

Focus on community health leadership training could help Africa overcome deaths from preventable diseases

Many of the diseases ravaging most parts of Africa are preventable, but a lack of resources and the right expertise have perpetuated the problem.

Perspective: More in-depth reporting on air pollution in Michigan's Wayne County could save lives

Air pollution from industrial sources in Michigan’s Wayne County is linked to deaths and life-threatening respiratory diseases, reports Michigan journalist Natasha Dado. She argues there's an urgent need for more watchdog reporting to give voice to pollution's often-overlooked victims.

Milk marketing to children raises questions

Milk is rarely seen as a health food. Why is it marketed to children when other sources of calcium exist?



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