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Six ways drug company conflicts of interest are buried

There is good news and bad news when it comes to conflicts of interest (COI) between the drug industry and clinical medicine.

Should we beware of new drugs?

Quick sales to millions of people is a crucial marketing tactic to make a blockbuster drug because there is a small sales window before a patent runs out. But a sales blitz can also be dangerous because many risks don't fully emerge until millions take the drug.

Reporter seeks the right angle on Obamacare and immigrants

After months of reporting on immigrants' experiences in enrolling for health coverage, reporter Momo Chang still didn't have the long cover story she'd envisioned. But she stayed flexible and ended up with a compact news story that focused on a single facet of immigrant enrollment.

Despite challenges, stories on Sonoma’s health disparities find audience

Sonoma County is famous as a foodie capital and for its beautiful stretches of open space and parks. But it's also home to some stark health disparities, with rates of obesity and diabetes in towns such as Roseland much higher than elsewhere. Telling that story was the challenge before me.

Ask your doctor if these advertised drugs are right for you

It has been 17 years since direct-to-consumer advertising was permitted in the U.S.--and the results were almost immediately apparent. As soon as people began viewing "ask your doctor" ads, they realized they weren’t as healthy as they thought.

What I learned reporting on Chinese-Americans’ access to care

As the number of California Medicaid enrollees signing up for coverage has grown, the number of doctors hasn't always been able to meet the demand for care. The problem has been especially acute among Chinese-Americans, many of whom struggle to find physicians willing to see them.

'Cook County Jail is the biggest asylum in the nation': Kennedy Forum looks at lack of community mental health care

To many, it is an unseen problem. People denied mental health services who end up homeless or incarcerated as criminals.

Mistakes made, lessons learned in reporting on mental health

A reporting project that aimed to tease out the root causes of homelessness in one California community ran into a few roadblocks along the way. Here's what one reporter took away from the experience, and what he might do differently next time.

Dr. Vince Felitti explains how medicine can be more like religion and help patients overcome adversity

“Simply asking, listening, and implicitly accepting is a very powerful tool,” Dr. Vince Felitti says. The message: “You’re still an acceptable person even though you’ve told me this story you’ve been ashamed of all your life.”

Review: Sobriety: A Graphic Novel

Millions in the U.S. and the rest of the world struggle with addictions to alcohol, food, ecstasy, meth, crack, Xanax and more. They are the people for whom the new book "Sobriety: a Graphic Novel" was written — or actually drawn.



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