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Medicaid programs grappling with cost of new hep C drugs

Like a growing number of Medicaid programs around the country, Rhode Island’s Medicaid program has quietly posted its first guidelines for coverage of an expensive new drug for hepatitis C. The new drug, called Sovaldi, is a big deal, whether you have hepatitis C or not.

Wisconsin monkey wars 2.0 revive ethical research debate

Press coverage and outrage has followed news of new research in Wisconsin that involves separating newborn monkeys from their mothers a day after they’re born, frightening them, and then regularly scanning their brains to compare them with the brains of baby monkeys not subject to such traumas.

Preventing suicide in all the wrong ways

During Suicide Prevention Week advocates are conducting suicide awareness campaigns. But there is not evidence that awareness reduces suicide. More effective suicide prevention approaches are being ignored.

Scientists and protestors clash over animal research

Animal researchers and protestors clashed this year near the UCLA campus under heavy police presence.

Health reporter tries on healthier habits for size

What happens when a health reporter personally tries out some of the health trends she routinely covers? Jondi Gumz committed herself to taking more steps and eating healthier foods than ever before. Not that it always came easy, especially on deadline days.

Together we can fight depression

Robin Williams’ depression undoubtedly led to his untimely departure. But as is the case with any psychiatric disorder, the illness and its side effects were not happening in a vacuum. Depression leads to a feeling of hopelessness, which can often spark or coincide with feelings of impulsivity.

Victim of John Gacy becomes author and survivor activist

Author and activist Patrick Dati spoke about his acclaimed memoir, "I Am Me: Survivor of Child Abuse and Bullying Speaks Out," which recounts how Dati overcame a life of bullying and emotional terror.

Why electronic medical records are a disaster for some docs

Electronic medical records held out the promise of a better future, with everyone reaping the benefits. In reality, poorly designed systems slow doctors down, hinder the doctor-patient relationship, and often get things wrong. Doctors and patients deserve better solutions.

Biotech industry launches 'Feed the World' campaign

A new campaign from Elanco, Eli Lilly's animal division, calls unadulterated food a luxury and even blames pure food activists for world hunger

A new Boston nanny hits the news

Nearly twenty years after the trial of British au pair Louise Woodward brought shaken baby syndrome into the headlines, the case of Irish nanny Aisling Brady McCarthy has raised the subject again in Boston newspapers, where reporters are still fresh from a different controversial diagnosis.



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