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Three women working against the death penalty

As the nation is horrified by another botched execution, a capital defense lawyer in Texas, legal scholar in New York and the former warden of San Quentin work against capital punishment.

Neglect can harm young brains as much as abuse

For babies, healthy brain development is like a tennis game. A caregiver "serves" up an interaction, like a facial expression, a coo, or a word, and the infant "returns" that serve, imitating the expression or sound. That "serve and return" dynamic is key.

For girls freighted with trauma, unique school offers path forward

For children who've suffered trauma and abuse, positive relationships can be elusive. In L.A., an innovative children's center and an alternative all-girls high school are helping kids and teens forge trusting relationships and meaningful narratives out of a traumatic past.

Controversy simmers over Facebook’s 'emotional contagion' study

While most of America was occupied with July 4th weekend festivities, bioethicists across the country were online discussing the possible research ethics transgressions committed by the Facebook study of "emotional contagion" through social networks.

Trauma remains like a dream within a dream

It was Felix the cat who set it off, a great black outline of the cartoon character with his name emblazoned across his chest in a bygone typography. He spoke of an L.A. from the big, big 1950’s, a mythical all the way to the top time. But for me, standing on Figueroa Blvd. in 2014 Felix set off...

'Get off a woman’s body, it is not a hobby'

As a human rights activist, I find myself caught between a rock and a hard place concerning the recent ruling on the buffer zone legislation that demonstrators have their rights to demonstrate at or near abortion facilities.

Can pharmacists and EMS teams bend the cost curve, improve care?

Health spending increases in the U.S. have slowed, but costs are still rising. This week's National Fellows heard from two innovative programs that are trying very different approaches to cutting costs by managing patients who are among the highest utilizers of our health care system.

Questions raised about government institute director

 Questions have surfaced about cronyism, pharmaceutical conflicts of interest, espousal of overmedication of children and cruelty to animals

Rep. Sam Farr teams with nutritionist on 30-day health challenge

This story about a congressman accepting a challenge to live healthier for 30 days and encouraging constituents to do the same came out of the blue....

Finding the right people

There is a saying bouncing around regional Indian country right now. It goes: When the wrong people leave your life, the right things happen. That is hitting the mark for me right now. I had left a taxing relationship and within weeks, I received my Health Fellowship. I left USC feeling a certain de



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