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$25 to see the doctor at a storefront clinic

Known as bodega clinics or storefront clinics — these doctors' offices are incredibly popular in Orange County's Latino neighborhoods. But public health officials harbor a number of concerns about such "bodega" clinics.

If deadly mushrooms pop up, who's your go-to expert?

After a rain, mushrooms pop up.  Even if you are an experienced mushroom hunter, it's hard to tell the difference between an edible variety and one that can be deadly. ...

Cancer disparities in LA's minority communities

My project will look at current research into cancers that disproportionately affect ethnic minorities, specifically Jewish and African-American communities. I will examine medical discoveries and ongoing clinical trials that hope to shed light on breast and ovarian cancer, male breast and prostat

The aftermath: Reporting on the rise of domestic violence in rural California

As California's statewide figures drop, Del Norte County has seen its domestic violence rate skyrocket. That raises a question: How are domestic violence survivors in this rural community on the Northern California coast faring after reporting abuse?

Comparing the health status of Valley Latinos

My project will compare the health status of Valley Latinos living in a handful of urban communities to those living in rural towns.

Talking about the end of life at the beginning

Technology to care for very sick and premature infants has improved dramatically over the past two decades. But these incredible measures also mean parents and neonatologists in the NICU face complex ethical questions when deciding how much care to provide and when to stop.

Imperial Valley's mental health gap

In 1965, the deinstitutionalization of mental health treatment charted a path toward overcrowded prisons and a shortage of mental health treatment facilities. Today, Imperial County in California is dealing with both of those consequences.

Is getting high healthy?

As the country tries to find a way to regulate, tax, legalize, or punish people for buying, growing, and using marijuana - its high time we find out the long term effects. 

Mindfulness as medicine

Local hospitals in San Diego like UCSD and Scripps offer mindfullness programs where they encourage people to meditiate, sit in silence, and just “be” as a way to destress and help heal their bodies....

Where you have your baby matters

If you are a Californian having a baby for the first time, choose your hospital wisely. You might even wish to move. A recent report from the California Hospital Assessment and Reporting Taskforce revealed alarming discrepancies in outcomes for low-risk pregnancies at high-performing and low-perform



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