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Beware of testosterone marketing, cautions journal editorial

So many men today believe they suffer from "low T" and pursue testosterone therapy. But is it marketing or medicine? I caught up with an expert to ask him why testosterone seems to be of such interest particularly to men and whether men should be concerned or cautious.

Employees at lead U.S. mental health agency critical of leadership

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration (SAMHSA) is responsible for U.S. mental health policy. The General Accounting Office found it does a poor job and now a new report shows SAMHSA Administrator Pam Hyde lost the confidence of the agency employees.

The challenges of reporting on mentally ill kids in California’s juvenile justice system

A reporting project got its start when a probation official made an off-hand comment about juvenile hall having turned into a “commitment facility” for mentally ill children. So began one reporter's deep dive into Sacramento's juvenile justice system.

Facebook’s foray into genetic research

Last week, BuzzFeed, Mic, and a few other news outlets reported on a new genetics study involving Facebook: Genes for Good. That’s the name of the study, which is being conducted by scientists at the University of Michigan, and the name of a Facebook app that they are using to recruit tens of thousa

Fishing for trouble: Reporting on the human health risks of toxic waters

A fish in city waters swims in the residues of urban waste. Eat a fish and you may get a dose of heavy metals, industrial chemicals and old pollutants like PCBs, which were banned decades ago but linger in the environment.

In reporting on Germanwings tragedy, depression is wrongly blamed

After an onslaught of media reports suggesting that depression was the cause of the Germanwings tragedy, people are too readily blaming mental illness as the enemy of public safety. That can make it harder for others to overcome the stigma associated with mental illness.

Round two: My tussle with Mark Cuban continues over quarterly blood work

I challenge Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban after he suggests that people get quarterly blood work, if they can afford it. It's not smart medically, and many doctors said as much in this ongoing Twitter exchange.

My tussle with Mark Cuban over excessive blood testing

ProPublica senior reporter Charles Ornstein took to Twitter this week to challenge Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban after he suggested that people get quarterly blood work, if they can afford it. It's not smart medically, Ornstein argued.

Challenges abound in reporting on ACA rollout in Indian country

When reporter S.E. Ruckman set out to tell the story of how the ACA rollout was faring among Native American communities, she found little help and few resources. But she pushed forward, and found value in persistence and serendipitous connections.

It takes a community — Reflections on what makes Reporting on Health unique

Tomorrow evening, the Los Angeles Chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists will be celebrating its distinguished journalists of the year, and we're honored to be receiving a nod from SPJ for Reporting on Health.



Since the passage of the ACA, hospital consolidation has dramatically increased. Our webinar will give an overview of this trend, clarify what’s at stake for consumers, and give journalists fresh ideas for reporting in new, incisive ways. Our panel will include experts Martin Gaynor and Paul Ginsburg, as well as NYT’s Margot Sanger-Katz. More info here.


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