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Perspective: More in-depth reporting on air pollution in Michigan's Wayne County could save lives

Air pollution from industrial sources in Michigan’s Wayne County is linked to deaths and life-threatening respiratory diseases, reports Michigan journalist Natasha Dado. She argues there's an urgent need for more watchdog reporting to give voice to pollution's often-overlooked victims.

Community engagement: A chance to recharge the best of civic journalism?

For fellows looking to ensure the communities they cover have a voice in and a chance to act on important stories and issues, there is food for thought in @Janschaffer's Neiman post on the hey day of civic journalism.

Seven key lessons for reporting on childhood trauma

A growing body of evidence suggests that a child’s exposure to trauma and stress can have profound mental and physical health consequences later in life. Arielle Levin Becker recently set out to explore that link and collected some key reporting lessons along the way.

Better understanding students with disabilities, mental illness

How could I understand, given how little I knew? All behavior, the experts I interviewed told me, is communication. I was seeking the backstory of why a little girl had bit a school staff member and whether she had a way to express herself.

'Medical child abuse' — Be careful what you ask for

What started out as a feel-good story about the kindness of strangers has turned into a CPS nightmare for a family in the Pacific northwest, where doctors at Seattle Children’s Hospital have accused Thomas Everson and his wife Brandi McNerny Everson of exaggerating their son’s disabilities.

Safety of new sleep medication challenged by watchdog group

Public Citizen is charging that the FDA inappropriately expanded the approved use of Vanda's drug, Hetlioz, for the disorder beyond its original indication for use in blind people.

For rural Alaskans, lack of running water and sewage a source of health problems

Alaska has the nation’s highest rate of people living without plumbing, and that can translate into real health problems for rural families. Despite the problem, state officials have declined to make the larger investments needed to improve conditions for the state's more remote residents.

Baltimore tragedy elicits smart reporting on health disparities

In the wake of Freddie Gray’s death, Baltimore residents took to the streets in protest. The best media coverage showed how years of neglect have crippled West Baltimore economies, fostered distrust and violence, and put a long, healthy life entirely out of reach for many residents, Gray included.

Who is public health?

Who do you think of when you think of public health? We know that health is an issue that shapes everyone’s life experiences, but we’ve been less inclined to see how everyone shapes health — or to realize the extent of various people’s influence in this realm.

The Welcome Home Project: Re-entry, recovery, and healing

The Welcome Home Project's goal is to lift up stories of men and women who spent between five and 20 years time in prison and jails and have been able to turn their lives around. Their stories and photographs have been compiled into a compelling and motivational calendar-format booklet.



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