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William Heisel's Antidote: Investigating Untold Health Stories

Health Journalism 2015: Talks you shouldn’t miss at the Santa Clara conference

Headed to the Association of Health Care Journalists annual conference in Santa Clara this week? It's always hard to pick from the annual bounty of presentations, but contributing editor William Heisel's selection of don't-miss sessions will get you started.

Remembering Barbara Strauch: Five lessons from a health and science giant

The New York Times' science and health editor Barbara Strauch died this week. Columnist William Heisel looks back at her exemplary career and shares a handful of lessons drawn from Strauch's editorial intelligence and warm, engaging presence. She will be missed.

Big Gulps for Little Leagues: Health advocates fight beverage industry’s diversion tactics

How does someone argue against the seemingly seemingly rational argument that people should go on drinking as much soda as they want as long as they get exercise, too? With facts.

Big Gulps for Little Leagues: We can’t jog our way out of our high-calorie diets

The sweetened-beverage industry frequently pushes the idea that you should be free to consume whatever you want as long as you exercise afterward. Maybe beverage warning labels should point out how long you'd need to exercise to burn off the calories.

Big Gulps for Little Leagues: Beware the source in debate over obesity and soda labels

The Bay Area News Group published an op-ed on beverage warning labels in March, but the outlet failed to point out the author's ties to the beverage industry. It's part of larger pattern of industry allies pushing back in the press.

The Markingson Files: University of Minnesota under new scrutiny in drug trial death

Dan Markingson suffered from schizophrenia and killed himself in May 2004 while taking part in a clinical trial for an antipsychotic drug made by AstraZeneca. The evolving case continues to highlight problems of research oversight at the university and state levels.

A Public Death: Hypertension’s toll tracked through death certificates

High blood pressure kills more people every year than smoking, obesity, and alcohol. And, according to a new study by CDC researchers, it’s getting worse. The study relied on an essential source of public health information all reporters should know about.

Q&A: Reporter amasses evidence of dairies’ threat to water supply (Part 2)

Leah Beth Ward's sustained reporting in The Yakima Herald-Republic on the impacts of Washington’s dairy industry has helped spur important changes. In the second half of our Q&A, Ward discusses the reaction to her series, both from the industry and the broader community.

Q&A: Reporting uncovers hidden health threats to drinking water

The Yakima Herald-Republic has an august history of reporting on Washington's dairy industry and its effects on health. Contributor William Heisel interviews the paper's Leah Beth Ward about her reporting on the impacts of such dairies, which has helped prompt new court rulings.

Well Sourced: Find out when patients have been kicked to the curb

A federal law forbids hospitals from simply kicking their patients to the curb, a practice called patient dumping. Hospitals are required to treat patients who arrive at the ER. Here's how to check whether hospitals in your coverage area are violating the rules.



Since the passage of the ACA, hospital consolidation has dramatically increased. Our webinar will give an overview of this trend, clarify what’s at stake for consumers, and give journalists fresh ideas for reporting in new, incisive ways. Our panel will include experts Martin Gaynor and Paul Ginsburg, as well as NYT’s Margot Sanger-Katz. More info here.


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