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William Heisel's Antidote: Investigating Untold Health Stories

Code Unknown: Trying to connect with sperm donor through online community

Frustrated and frightened by her experience trying to find the sperm donor who allowed her to conceive, Gloria Fraser went looking for answers online. When she found the Donor Sibling Registry, her anticipation quickened.

The Shadow Practice: Feds, state miss patient-safety alerts at back-alley clinics

Dr. Scott Bickman lost his California medical license, but not before federal, state and local authorities missed numerous chances to prevent harm to patients. Do we need an Amber Alert for dangerous, back-alley clinics?

A Public Death: North Carolina makes huge impact on health science

When it comes to public health research, North Carolina has made contributions far beyond its small population size. A quick look at several key studies shows how death records and other data from the state have made a huge impact.

A Public Death: North Carolina gets serious about health data

In North Carolina, the process of recording deaths has been a slow, paper-only process that creates huge lags in time and makes swift, efficient decision-making much more difficult. That could change as the state moves to digitally modernize its system, and none too soon.

The Shadow Practice: Medical Board takes license years after warning signs

A Southern California anesthesiologist was stripped of his ability to prescribe addictive drugs by the DEA in 2011. But the state's medical board didn't take away the doctor's license until just last month. Why is the board so slow in taking action?

Well Sourced: Getting beyond the beauty contest with Hospital Compare

An ocean view and a smoothie bar do not have any bearing on the quality of health care being delivered by doctors, nurses, and hospital staff. Wouldn’t it be nice if there were a simple way to compare hospitals?

Code Unknown: After passing on rare genetic mutation, donor remains a mystery

A man walks down a crowded street loaded with the potential to destroy hundreds of lives. He’s not wearing a bomb — he’s carrying a mutation in his genes that can cause the heart to beat out of rhythm and stop. Worse, no one can seem to track him down.

Well Sourced: Skip PubMed at your own health-reporting peril

The deadline clock is ticking and suddenly you have to cover a new study on a foreign topic by unknown researchers. What do you do? Check out what PubMed has to offer for starters. The vast repository of peer-reviewed research is an essential reporting tool.

Well Sourced: Finding the right health sources and asking the right questions

The health beat is so rich with documents, data and smart people that it can be hard to sort through it all under deadline pressure. But if you look in the right places, you can quickly report intelligent stories that cut through the noise and get noticed.

Code Unknown: Parents weigh surgery to meet son's genetic challenge

Miranda Dyer's young son started suffering from migraines at a young age. Tests would later reveal signs of a genetically inherited heart disorder, passed down by his mother. The discovery forced the family to make a very difficult decision.



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