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Study: Why The Mediterranean Diet Works to Prevent Heart Disease

Why the Mediterranean diet keeps hearts healthy, a better way to predict heart attacks, and good news about tuberculosis, plus more from our Top 5 Today.

Scary ER visits a matter of routine for staff

This story is Part 1 of a 15-part series that examines health care needs in Gary, Ind.

Autism-Vaccine Research: "An Elaborate Fraud"

Disgraced British doctor Andrew Wakefield faked his research data when linking the MMR vaccine to autism, according to a BMJ investigation. Plus more from our Daily Briefing.

Americans' Access to Healthcare Still Lacking

A new survey conducted by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shows that an alarming number of Americans are without health insurance. reports:

The Story Behind the Health Care Reform Story

Health care reform, and the ideological, political and public health battles that surrounded it, reached a fever pitch in the media by the time the legislation reached the House of Representatives in March. Many members of ReportingonHealth were watching and chronicling these events closely. Here, a cross-section of reporters discusses their experience working on these complex stories.

Massachusetts Insurance Wars: The Battle Over Rate Hikes

You remember that controversy earlier this year over Anthem Blue Cross's insurance rate hikes?

Well, Massachusetts is experiencing another controversy related with rate hikes. A state commissioner rejected 235 of 274 rate hikes proposed by six nonprofit insurance carriers. It's the first time the state has denied rate increases under emergency regulations, according to The Boston Globe.

Health Reform: Where Do Journalists Go From Here?

Here's a recap of the latest developments on the health reform front, along with some helpful resources and story ideas for your community.

March 21, 2010, 10 p.m. PST

Health Care Reform: Transparency on Rate Hikes?

We’ve talked a lot about insurance rate hikes, especially the well-publicized debate over Anthem Blue Cross raising some of its premiums by as much as 39 percent.

Well, the Obama administration has certainly seized on this debate as an opportunity to argue for its health care reform efforts.

Blowback After Anthem Raises Health Insurance Prices in California

Are you on an individual health insurance policy? If so, have you noticed whether your premiums have gone up again?

Californians with individual Anthem Blue Cross health insurance premiums were in for a bit of sticker shock when it was reported that the company would increase rates by 39 percent starting March 1.

Health Insurance Rescissions: How One Story Led to Insurance Reform

It started on March 20, 2006, with what I thought was a one-shot story about the health care language gap. Two and a half years later, I am still writing follow-ups (more than 40 articles in all) about the story behind the original story — the long-hidden practice of some insurers of retroactively canceling policyholders with large medical bills.


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