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Immigration Reform: Will It Help or Hurt Medicare?

As Congress grapples with immigration reform, questions are arising about the impact new Americans and legal residents could have on U.S. social programs, among them the health care system.

Issue Worth Exploring: Raising the Medicare Eligibility Age May Harm Minorities

Since GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney named Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) as his running mate, Medicare and plans to reform the program has dominated headlines....

Daily Briefing: Health Costs, Money and Budgets

The CBO estimates health law costs, states slash Medicaid, female condoms touted as fashionable and more from our Daily Briefing.

Notes on the Care Innovation Summit

Anyone who is concerned about the future transformation of the United States clinical delivery system should pay attention to the Care Innovations Summit.

Q&A with Trudy Lieberman: Finding Local Stories in the Great Medicare Debate of 2011

Veteran health journalist Trudy Lieberman shares tips for localizing the highly politicized debate over Medicare.

Capito, McKinley vote to overturn health care reform

West Virginia's two Republican U.S. representatives voted with GOP colleagues Wednesday to overturn federal health care reform.

Less Fluoride, Please

Does our drinking water have too much fluoride in it? Answers and more in our Daily Briefing.

Health Care Reform Vote: The End of the War or Just One Battle?

You may have seen or hear about how Democrats were crowing over Congressional Budget Office estimates showing that their reform plans will cost less and reduce the deficit.

Already, at least one key Democrat critic, Dennis Kucinich, has indicated he would vote for the plan. Momentum seems to be swinging the Democrats' way ahead of a Congressional vote on the plan.

Ezra Klein on Joe Lieberman and Health Reform: "Reckless"

Ouch. Washington Post policy blogger Ezra Klein today offers a blistering takedown of Joe Lieberman's actions on the Senate health reform bill and its now-dead Medicare compromise.

Here's an excerpt:

25 Largely Untold Health Reform Stories

Before describing a few stories that have not received much play in the media, I'd like to mention a few publications by my Urban Institute colleagues that provide useful state and local information. One report shows, by Congressional district, the proportion of residents with various types of health coverage (uninsured, privately insured, or covered by Medicaid or other public programs).



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