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Looking out for mentally ill and developmentally disabled patients in Georgia

Mental health patients and the developmentally disabled are some of the most vulnerable people in our society and unfortunately, even with the best of intentions, the system can let them down.

What does the science of children's brains mean for public policy?

So much crucial brain development occurs in the first three years of life that one researcher jokes that to him and his colleagues, 3-year-olds are practically middle aged. And yet,the first three years of life often get comparatively little attention in mental health or education policies

Native Americans: Canaries in the coal mine of historical trauma

American Indians represent the “gold standard” for bad health in this country. We top the lists for mental health related illnesses like addiction and suicide.  American Indian women also suffer the highest rates of sexual assault of any U. S. ethnicity.

Children Who Witness Parent's Immigration Arrest May Suffer Lifetime Health Consequences

While children show different responses to early trauma, depending on factors such as their age, coping mechanisms, and family support, experts say that research shows that witnessing a parent's arrest or deportation leads to a complex series of problems.

Against Stigma: Writing Responsibly About Mental Illness

Smart reporting on mental health makes an effort to avoid stigmatizing people with mental illness. Here are a few solutions one reporter found especially helpful in covering the subject in Texas, where the state's largest jail became its largest mental health facility.

The Story Behind the Story: Anthony Advincula Discusses the Mental Health Impacts of Deportations on Children

New York journalist Anthony Advincula discusses the challenge of finding a subject willing to speak openly on the sensitive issue.

How gangs impact communities' health

Driving around South Central or East Los Angeles, it's common to see young crowds gathering outside mortuaries. Some call the area the "gang capital" of the United States, with more than 450 gangs with at least 45.000 active gang members, according to the LAPD.

Need psychiatric aid? Go to kid jail

Not everyone who passes through Sacramento County's version of juvenile hall may be there for primarily criminal issues.

Niños en EE. UU. enfrentan dificultades luego de la deportación de sus padres

Las consecuencias de la separación de los padres de los niños pueden incluir causar o exacerbar los problemas de salud mental, como los trastornos depresivos o de ansiedad.

U.S.-born children struggle after parents are deported

The consequences of separating parents from children can include causing or exacerbating mental health problems such as depressive or anxiety disorders.



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