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Over the past two years, I’ve spoken with dozens of Kentuckians battling prescription drug abuse.... more »
posted 12/18/12
It was a sprint to the finish, but we got the first installment of my fellowship project -- a... more »
posted 08/27/12
Much has been written about the nation’s prescription drug abuse epidemic -- at our newspaper and... more »
posted 07/09/12

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Native American Rehabilitation Association of the Northwest, NARA, offers inpatient and outpatient drug treatment and a 70-bed residential program in Portland, Oregon.
Research from across the nation shows that treating drug addiction reduces crime and medical expenses while boosting employment, meaning every dollar spent on treatment actually saves an average of $7.
This organization receives more than 40,000 calls a year to its crisis lines, which guide addicts through those dark moments by connecting them with the treatment they need.