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Can doctors learn to use patients’ newly available consumer data to improve care while... more »
posted 07/28/14
Futuristic data-mining experiments could give providers new ways of preventing health problems.... more »
posted 07/25/14
Will the increasing use of consumer data in health care create new exclusions and disparities or... more »
posted 07/21/14

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Posted by William Heisel | Friday, 2013-04-26, 06:16
Bob, ...
Posted by William Heisel | Monday, 2012-05-07, 06:35
Elaine,You bring up a great point. This is why I'm writing "Complete Health Reporting" as a...
Posted by William Heisel | Monday, 2012-05-07, 06:31
Shelly,The criteria I listed are just for the purposes of deciding whether to put an incident on...